Meet The Squad: Steve

Born in the Village of Newark, New York, Steve came to Southern California at the young age of 23. Since then, he has amassed an impressive employment history, taken up a laundry list of hobbies, and developed a keen eye for detail, Steve managed to acquire a unique talent, a talent that time and time again has distinguished him from the average civil designer in the infrastructure industry. 

On April 1, 1976 Rush released 2112, their first album to reach the Billboard Top 100 LPs and Tape. Only sixteen at the time and working at a Wegman's grocery store after school, Steve purchased 2112. Listening to the album on repeat for weeks on end, Steve found himself immersed in the sound, production, and writing. He began to unravel each song piece by piece, developing his own style, personality and identity. He takes this same approach with all of his hobbies, from playing a musical instrument to mastering mixed martial arts techniques. “I’m constantly chasing new sounds and techniques, that’s what it’s all about,” Steve said during our interview. He then elaborated on how difficult it is to conceptualize the simultaneous strumming of one hand and the delicate and precise placement of another. Extracting a new unique sound that’s never been heard before, itching to evoke a new gripping emotion that is just as captivating as the last. It’s this chase that keeps Steve on the edge of his seat, keeps Steve hunting for more, hunting for a new extraordinary cadence of challenging riffs and chords. Steve describes this as a “constant battle to get better.” His dedication to his passion has cultivated a vivid understanding of enterprise and the conviction required to undertake a project; and not only see it through to completion--rather, to finish with merit.

To be a successful civil designer it is essential to have a high attention to detail. Preparing engineering plans using computer aided design (CAD) is no simple task. Plans are draw down to the millimeter, so the margin for error is huge. With 30 years of experience under his belt, this pressure is just another day’s work for Steve. When challenges and obstacles arise, you want someone like Steve in your corner.

As time and technology progress, the advent of new material and updated CAD software packages are inevitable. Therefore, an exceptional civil designer must have a natural desire for achievement and success. Fortunately, Steve has acquired this unique talent through his undeniable dedication to the projects he undertakes, whether they be professional or recreational. His capacity to formulate a plan set that is clear, consistent, and complete is a unique talent not only because it is a difficult task; because he does it with passion.