We know Millennials, But WHAT is Gen Z?

What is this new breed?


As of 2015, millennials, the cohort that ranges between roughly 20 and 35, is on track to outnumber baby boomers in the population, 75.3 million and 74.9 million, respectively. With big numbers like that, perhaps it's no surprise that the oft scrutinized age group is expected to make up 75 percent of the global work in future years.  

Let me start off by explaining what Gen Z and Millennials are.  Generation Z are those who were born between the years of 1996 and 2006.  Millennials were born between the years 1985-2000.

Millennials are certainly a hot topic of conversation, especially with regard to how they navigate their careers. But what about the next wave, the people who are growing up right now?

In some scenarios, they are immensely alike.  For instance, they both want to obtain a job right away and be financially stable.  Stability in their day-to-day life is what they both strive for.  Another key component is that they are both more likely to find a job via online job board forums.  Both generations lose the face to face contact and networking.  They do everything from behind a screen and that is where they feel most comfortable.

And, in some more prominent cases, they are different.  Millennials were the first generation born in a world in which access to digital technologies and the internet plays a significant role in providing resources and opportunities. Gen Z was raised in an environment of uncertainty driven by the recession and new security measures post 9/11.  They were put in a global world where differences in race, class and gender are shaped and challenged by strong accounts of inclusion and rapid flows of people, information, and technology.

The largest concern from both generations, is being able to find a job and be “happy”.

Post College, 32% of Generation Z wanted to land a dream job, while 34% of millennials were after financial stability. However, what they both want out of our jobs is growth opportunities, feeling satisfied and feeling stable.


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