Ricardo Lara Linear Park - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On October 10th, 2015 the Onward Engineering team joined the City of Lynwood community for a landmark event; the official ribbon cutting of Lynwood’s newest park, the Ricardo Lara Linear Park. Lynwood City Council unanimously voted the park to be named after Senator Ricardo Lara.

Ricardo Lara Linear Park is located at 3850 Fernwood Ave., and spans the length of five blocks between Atlantic Avenue and Birch Street. The park features a one-mile long walking trail and 5 separate blocks. Block 1 showcases the Dog Park with separate areas for small and large dogs. Block 2 gives park goers access to a fitness area with exercise equipment. Block 3 is equipped with a children’s playground, and plenty of open play space. Block 4 is home to the community garden with several raised garden beds, benches and a pavilion for outdoor classes. Block 5 is the echo park with open space and bioswales. Bioswales are designed to remove silt and pollution from the surface runoff water, making Ricardo Lara Linear Park not only a wonderful place to visit but extremely eco-friendly.

Sen. Lara recognized the importance of open green space for children. At the ribbon cutting ceremony Sen. Lara shared his childhood experience growing up without an adequate park nearby. He and his neighborhood friends would search the city streets for abandoned traffic cones in the area to close off their block with hopes of being able to play uninterrupted by traffic. Sen. Lara’s memory of the street being the only option as play space for him and his friends drove him to spearhead the construction of this park and secure a $5 million dollar grant from the state’s Department of Parks and Recreation Prop. 84. His unparalleled efforts brought the community of Lynwood together on Saturday October 10th, and the community responded in the best way possible.

All who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony this past Saturday will agree the event had a blissful ambiance radiating throughout the park. Children scurried around like a pack of lemurs doing their absolute best to accomplish as many fun activities as possible. Adults formed huddles that exhaled with bursts of laughter and extravagant hand and body gestures. When the time came for the honorary individuals to make their public address, the audience did not hesitate to provide their undivided attention.

Ricardo Lara Linear Park will serve the residents of Lynwood for generations to come.