The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC)

For months now, people have been curious about those flashing lights reflecting onto the 57 freeway. I heard it described as “the balloon dome” or the “golf ball building” over the past year. On December 13th, ARTIC (or Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) had their official Grand Opening. Visiting ARTIC, you can’t help but feel impressed. Not only is the building aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but this giant dome is said to be the future of transportation in SoCal and one of the most innovative hubs of transportation in the Country. ARTIC will serve local and county trains, charter buses, and resort transits across the City, along with shuttle and taxi services throughout.  Both the Anaheim Stadium and the Honda Center are a short 5 minute walk.  The first floor includes a ticket center along with a book rental kiosk. I was told that they will be opening a couple of eateries on the second floor of the center, but as of now they are still unfinished. The third floor has some room to lounge around and wait for your scheduled train/bus time. From the third floor, you have a great view of the 57 freeway on one side and the Santa Ana River on the other!  I hope that this new transportation hub will help facilitate change in the way society transports, and will also aid everyday locals move in and around the cities in a relaxing and efficient way!