Construction Management & Inspection 

Onward Engineering takes a comprehensive approach to Construction Management. We cross-train our entire team on the fundamentals, allowing us to consider the work of a Construction Manager in all phases of a project - including the project inception phase, design phase, and the construction phase.

Construction Management is a balance between costs, quality, and time. The overarching task for each Construction Manager is to assist our client in assessing which two of these three are most important. Once we understand your priorities, we develop a plan to ensure we can deliver on those priorities. 

We understand that Inspection Services are a form of Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Our team of Certified Inspectors work diligently to ensure contractors maintain a high level of quality over the course of the project. Inspectors become thoroughly familiar with contract plans and specifications, in addition to all local laws and requirements. They observe work as it is being performed to ensure the correct materials are being used along with the correct methods of installation. 

We understand that each country in the MENA region is unique, and local preferences vary. We expect that. We also know, however, that there are many synergies and similarities in local environmental factors and professional practices in the region. Onward looks at each project as an opportunity to build our knowledge and understanding so that we can better serve each client. 

  • Highway and Roadway Construction
  • Rail Construction 
  • Bridge Construction 
  • Water System Construction 
  • Sewer System Construction 
  • Storm Drain Constrcution
  • High Rise Construction 
  • Commercial Construction 
  • Residential Construction 
  • Industrial Construction 
  • Coastal/Port Construction 
  • Slope Repairs