Walnut Street Improvements Project

OE provided inspection services to the City of Bellflower on the Walnut Street Improvements and Parking-lot Resurfacing project, as part of the City’s downtown redevelopment endeavor. The walls along the perimeter of the empty lot were broken and dilapidated. The construction work included replacing the walls with a 6-foot block wall, a cap, and an exterior concrete collar along the wall. The construction work also entailed excavating 15 inches below the finished surface and laying 6-inches of large aggregate base passing a 3-inch screen, 4-inches of aggregate base passing a 1.5-inch screen, and 2.5-inches of base passing an 1/8th – inch screen. The lot was also finished off with machine laid pavers. The project also included rough grading, electrical and irrigation line installation, and built-in concrete planters. Two driveways were removed and replaced, one at the entrance of the parking lot and another at the adjacent property. Light poles and landscaping were installed, and the back of the lot was lined with a tubular fence.