Vista Verde Park Rehabilitation Project


OE provided construction management and inspection services to the City of Norwalk for the construction of a replacement building for the Vista Verde Park restroom/office building of about 1,000 SF. The building was constructed utilizing concrete masonry block with HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and sheet metal roofing. The facility also included a staff office, storage closet, exterior restrooms, and a gated patio area. During the new facility installation, the existing park lighting, spray pool, and irrigation facilities needed to remain operational, however they were located in the building that was to be demolished. Therefore, the contractor had to install interim facilities that would perform these functions while the new building was under construction. OE managed all structural, concrete, and paving inspections, as well as numerous material submittals required for structural construction. Our team was able to ensure that the necessary geotechnical testing was completed to guarantee a stable foundation for the structure, and implement a construction waste management plan to divert materials for recycling. This project also required coordinating biweekly meetings with the Parks and Recreation Department, Public Works Department, and the Contractor.