Valencia Avenue Landscaped Median Improvements

OE provided construction management and inspection services to the City of Brea on the Valencia Avenue Landscaped Median Improvements. The project limits are from Birch Street to Sandpiper Way. The scope of work included 2,151 CY of excavation, 1,896 CY of imported topsoil, 2,122 LF of type B3-4” doweled curb, 513 LF of modified type B3 doweled curb, 520 LF of modified type B4 curb & gutter, 2,966 LF of type C1 doweled curb, and 869 LF of modified type C1 doweled curb. Furthermore, the project required 20 LF of curb to curb and gutter transition, grinding 18,469 SF of asphalt, 267 tons of hot mix asphalt overlay, 406 tons of Class 2 aggregate base, 1,523 tons of Class 3 aggregate subbase, installing both 4” and 6” PVC conduits, and 30 LF of 18” RCP storm drain. The landscaping scope of work included 7,679 of 1-gallon groundcover and perennials, 259 of 5-gallon shrubs, 92 of 5-gallon succulents, 16,845 SF of mulch, installing an irrigation system and irrigation controller. The project also required traffic striping and traffic control.