South Highland Avenue

This project required constructing an 18 unit residential condominium situated between South Tamarack Drive and Highland Avenue in the City of Fullerton. OE provided plan-checking services on the Tentative Tract Map #16652 to consolidate the subdivided property into one lot, abandon an alley easement perpendicular to the project site and parallel to Highland Avenue, and abandon a portion of an existing sewer to be dedicated to the property owner. A WQMP, soils report, geotechnical report, hydraulic report, hydrology report, and improvement plans (i.e. demolition, street, sewer, water, As-Builts, landscape & irrigation, storm drain), Waste Management Plan, Local Improvement Plans, Drainage Area Management Plans, and an encroachment permit were submitted to the City of Fullerton. Developing this 33,346 SF site required demolishing existing buildings, asphalt concrete pavement, curb, gutter, and underground utilities in addition to resetting survey monuments, relocating SCE power pole guy wires & anchor, driveway approach installation, concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter, alley reconstruction, and relocating streetlights.