Sidewalk/Pedestrian Accessibility (Phase II) Project

OE provided design engineering, construction management, and inspection services on the $245,000 CDBG Funded Project for the City of Placentia to field verify, design and prepare a bid package for the removal and replacement of non-ADA compliant curb ramps and sidewalk locations that are listed in the City’s ADA Transition Plan.  This project entailed replacing a total of 71 curb ramps along Kraemer Blvd., McCormack Lane, and Yorba Linda Blvd. Additionally, the work included sidewalk/driveway improvements along Kraemer Blvd. within the curb ramp replacement limits. Our team conducted field verification of each location and identified the necessary ADA compliance upgrades. In locations where there was critical geometry or grades, OE checked those locations with our own survey equipment to identify the final removal and replacement limits. OE designed the project in such a manner that all required CDBG Section 3 verbiage is included in the project specifications, and that the project scope/bid schedules were set up in such a way that maximized the City’s budget. This included setting up alternate bid schedules in the bid package to ensure that budgetary overrun did not occur and to ensure that the City spend the allocated amount.