Sidewalk Repair for Handicap Accessibility

OE provided inspection services on the Sidewalk Repair for Handicap Accessibility project for the City of Torrance. This project was CDBG funded and 79,300 SF of sidewalk removal and construction of a 3 1/2" thick PCC sidewalk over 4" CMB, 5,300 LF of curb and gutter removal and replacement to match existing curb heights and gutter widths, restoration of 1 ft. wide AC pavement, 10,900 SF of driveway replacement and constructing 4” thick PCC driveway over 6” CMB, 180 LF of removing the existing corner radius curb and constructing a new variable height corner PCC curb. The project also entailed the removal of 11,870 SF of cross gutter with curb & gutter and subgrade, 1,900 SF of pavement replacement, furnishing and installing 285 parkway trees, and 310 locations of root pruning. Additionally, the work entailed periphery parkway improvements and 10 detectable warning surface panels at access ramps. Furthermore, the scope of work involved installing a landscaping and irrigation system, removing and replacing water meter utility covers, and pavement markings.