Shoemaker Ave. Pavement Rehabilitation & Drainage Improvement

OE provided design engineering services for the City of Norwalk for this pavement rehabilitation and drainage improvement project. The project limits on Shoemaker Avenue start on Rosecrans Avenue and ends at the Firestone Frontage Road. This 1/4 mille collector street segment was heavily distressed and showed block cracking, alligator cracking, and potholes. The scope of work included preparing plans, specifications and estimates for this 2,000 LF roadway. The project involved grind and overlay, full depth reconstruction, AC cap, sidewalk construction, cross gutter construction and drainage improvements. Furthermore, the roadway and adjacent parkway had a major drainage issue; OE was able to provide the most cost effective solution for the City in order to relieve water ponding and increase the safety of the residents. As a result of Caltrans' impact on the I-5 Freeway widening, OE was able to persuade Caltrans to design and implement the drainage improvements.