Area 6 Residential Roadway Rehabilitation Project


OE provided construction management and inspection services to the City of Diamond Bar on this 11.8 mile residential roadway rehabilitation project. The scope of work included localized Removal & Replacement patching, grind and overlay, cape and slurry seal, installation of traffic loops, adjusting 120 manholes and 220 valves, and required heavy strict phasing and traffic control. OE also conducted both AC compaction testing and slurry seal wet abrasion testing to ensure high quality work. At the onset of this project OE provided a constructability review, allowing the designer to incorporate comments from our construction team. Furthermore, our management team actively reviewed all submittals and schedules to suggest expediting certain work items or switching the order of others to accommodate the City’s desire for expedited completion. For the duration of the project, OE actively responded to all resident questions and addressed needs of the community and City.