Residential Area 2 & Arterial Zone 1 Pavement Rehabilitation Project


OE provided design engineering, construction management and inspection services for the City of Diamond Bar's Residential Area 2 and Arterial Zone 1 Road Maintenance Project. This project included a total of 14.5 centerline miles of residential, collector and arterial streets. The scope of work entailed rehabilitating the roadway using primarily slurry seal and chip seal methods.  In areas of extreme degradation, an asphalt overlay or full width grind and replacement was recommended depending on funding availability. To provide a complete and accurate design, OE walked each proposed roadway to note necessary localized AC removal and replacement patches, damaged curb & gutter and uplifted or non-ADA compliant sidewalks. Our comprehensive field survey included correlating work items with site photographs to ensure the full scope of work was identified. OE recommended the best total rehabilitation method based on existing field conditions and available project budget. OE was also required to coordinate with Caltrans and acquire the encroachment permit. The permit was acquired before bids were opened in order to incorporate the Permit requirements into the bid documents. Our Construction Management and Inspection team then carried the project through the construction phase. During construction, one of the areas involved was within Caltrans Right of Way, and as a result required OE to coordinate with Caltrans.