Public Transit Bus Bench Re-positioning Project

OE provided design engineering, construction management, and inspection services to the City of Lomita on the Public Transit Bus Bench Repositioning Project. Due to special constraints, Lomita’s city wide public transit Bus Stop features did not consistently provide a safe environment for patrons in proximity to the curb face or provide appropriate ADA access. OE performed a detailed field survey to provide recommendations, prepare a construction bid package and manage the construction of repositioning the bus benches and trash receptacles to increase public safety while striving to comply with ADA requirements. With over thirty bus stops serving Torrance Transit and LA Metro, each bus stop was field analyzed by locating the position of the curb, walkway access, bus benches, signage, power poles and street lights, utility risers and cabinets, trash receptacles, and other features to determine how to improve the safety and accessibility at each bus stop on an individual basis. Drawing from ADA requirements and the bus stop safety and design guidelines from Torrance Transit, recommendations for the repositioning of benches and trash receptacles were made and drawings and specification were prepared for construction. The project included presenting the findings to the Lomita Technical Traffic Advisory Committee and the Public Safety and Traffic Commission for concurrence prior to construction.