Plan Check & Other Services


OE provided a variety of comprehensive services to meet the City of La Habra’s changing needs for infrastructure, transportation and development projects. The provided services entailed plan checking for: the Lambert & Beach Intersection Widening, Hazel St. for one-way traffic, Idaho & Lambert Townhome Development, Imperial Smart Street, La Habra Boulevard St. Rehabilitation, and the Harbor and La Habra Intersection Widening. OE also provided surveying for a fire station on Beach Blvd. and the La Habra Park & Heritage Village. OE also prepared RFP’s on several projects including the Idaho and La Habra Intersection Widening Southbound Right Turn Lane Project, the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, and the Union Pacific Railroad Bikeway Project. Furthermore, OE provided grant funding applications for Measure M, and contract negotiations on a Caltrans 60-inch storm drain expansion project at the intersection of Whittier Avenue and Euclid Street. Our breadth of knowledge and expertise allowed us to assist the City on a variety of crucial projects.