Oso Creek Storm Drain Installation 


OE provided inspection services on this storm drain construction project in the City of Mission Viejo. The project spanned Oso Parkway, from Country Club Drive heading downstream, just past Montanoso at Oso Creek. The scope of work included saw-cutting  an 8-foot wide by 10-feet deep trench, shoring the trench with plywood and hydraulic jacks, installing two 18-inch storm drains running 190 feet and connecting to a single 30-inch storm drain downstream, and installing a connecting vault with manhole access. Furthermore, the project entailed installing 200 feet of HDPE, a water quality bypass system, installing a 12-inch storm drain upstream that diverts low flow water into the water quality bypass system. This causes the water to be purified by the bypass system before it is released through the 12-inch storm drain connected to the 30-inch storm drain downstream. As a result, pollutants are eliminated before the water enters Oso Creek. OE conducted nighttime inspections and heavy traffic control, and was responsible for coordinating with adjacent property owners.