Public Works Maintenance Yard Rehabilitation 

OE provided the construction management  and inspection services to the City of Brea on the Public Works Maintenance Yard Rehabilitation project. The PW yard continued to operate the fueling station, maintenance bays, staff and large vehicle parking, and material stockpiling. The work-around staging included: construction of the new fire truck access ramp, the repair and paving of the reservoir rim-road, and establishing a new property profile whereby revised site elevations allowed for quick, effective drainage via new paving, gutters and a natural bio-swale. The highlight of the project was the pre-fabricated metal canopy (deemed the airplane hangar) built to protect the maintenance material bins and also reduce effluent runoff. Although a design glitch put a halt to the canopy, OE met with the fabricator, on-site, and hearing of the unattainable span, suggested an alternate gable design which in essence spilt the 95’ span into 2 halves. The design was revised and fabrication was back on schedule. This revised canopy layout also resulted in an increase in vertical height which allowed easier access to the bins for larger dump trucks once installed.