Linear Park Project

OE is providing full service construction management and inspection services to the City of Lynwood’s Linear Park Project. The project is located along Fernwood Avenue between Birch and Atlantic Avenues adjacent to the 105 Freeway. The project consisted of a one-mile long linear walking trail and 5 separate blocks. Block 1 on the western end of the project is the Dog Park with separate areas for small and large dogs with a small parking lot. Block 2, continuing east along Fernwood to a fitness area with exercise equipment. Block 3 is the play area and included children’s playground equipment, a restroom and a small parking lot. Block 4 is the community garden with planting areas, benches and a pavilion for outdoor classes. Block 5, at the eastern end is the echo park with open space and bioswales. The project was funded utilizing State of California Proposition 84 Grant funds. This project has a construction cost of approximately $4.7 million dollars.