Jamboree Roadway Rehabilitation Project

OE provided design services to the City of Irvine to rehabilitate Jamboree Road, from MacArthur Boulevard to Campus Drive. The project limits are on Jamboree Rd. from MacArthur Blvd., 400’ North to Campus Drive. Jamboree Road is a principal arterial roadway which provides northeast/southwest access through the western portions of the City of Irvine, it is also a major thoroughfare for beach traffic and toll roads. It is critical to note that the northern half of Jamboree Rd. in the project limits is within the City of Newport Beach, which required OE to actively coordinate with the City and obtain approval for the final design of the project. The design included the preparation of cross sections to determine the limits of edge grinding for ARHM overlay. The scope of work also included 6,270 tons of 10-inch Full Depth AC, redesigning and detailing nine ramps and two Right Turn “Pork Chop” Islands to meet ADA compliance, traffic loop installation, and installation of video detection at 2 intersections. Due to funding deadlines, the city required an expedited design for the project.