Irvine Center Drive Pavement Rehabilitation Project


OE provided design engineering and construction support services to rehabilitate 1.5 miles of this 6 lane arterial and major thoroughfare in Irvine. The project spanned Irvine Center Drive, from Jeffrey Road to Culver Drive, and the design phase included stretches of full depth reconstruction combined with a grind and overlay of the entire roadway, 6,300 SF of sidewalk, 15,800 LF of median curb, 136 traffic loops, 30,000 SF of landscaping and irrigation, and upgrading ramps to meet ADA compliance. Plans included full plan and profile view, striping and signing plans, traffic control and phasing plans and landscaping plans, in addition to construction specifications and engineer’s estimate. OE was required to submit draft plans to utility agencies to ensure conflicts were not encountered during construction. Along with the design, OE also provided Construction Support Services including responding to RFI’s, attending meetings, providing assistance related to Change Orders, and reviewing Contractor’s submittals for conformance with contract documents. OE prepared As-Built documentation according to City of Irvine standards.