I-5 Freeway Water Main Relocation for the Alondra Segment

OE provided construction management and inspection services for the City of Santa Fe Springs on about 800’ of water main replacement. The project involved substantial coordinating with Caltrans, other contractors, Chevron, the City of Santa Fe Springs because this project was being done concurrently with the I-5 widening at Alondra Blvd and within the work limits of CC Meyers. Installing the water line had two parts; one involved installing the 12” DIP within a 20” casing which crossed a flood control channel, and the other involved the underground pipeline installation. The project involved constant coordination with Caltrans that involved everything from requesting survey, to requiring additional fill for our pipeline work, to requesting that their contractor stop working in certain areas in order for the City contractor to get work done. The project had some minor change orders that were warranted. The contractor tried to get work done behind the inspector, but we caught them and got their working hours down to a set time and got everyone on the same page. The City was very happy with how all situations were handled and all paperwork was well organized and delivered to the City in a timely manner.