Equipping Water Well No. 12

Water Well No. 12 is a high capacity source of water supply which improves system reliability and efficiency throughout the City of Santa Fe Spring's distribution network. The well consists of an 18-inch casing, drilled to a depth of 1,390 feet below ground surface, and the maximum recommended continuous pumping rate is 2,000 gallons per minute. The project consisted of two phases, and OE was tasked with Phase II. Phase II called for equipping the constructed well and installing associated improvements required for the operation and maintenance of the facility. The major work elements included installing a pump and motor, connecting the well to the existing water main, constructing a waste water system, installing a chemical storage and feed system, installing a well pump control system, constructing a block building to house the new pump and associated equipment and infrastructure, and constructing a perimeter block wall and motorized sliding gate with a security system.