Elm St. Resurfacing & Waterline Replacement Project


OE provided construction management and inspection services on the Elm Street Resurfacing and Waterline Replacement project for the City of Brea. The project’s roadway improvements spanned 4,100 LF and included a 2-inch cold mill, 2.75-inch Type III-B2 base course, and a 2-inch ARHM overlay. The scope also included widening the street to accommodate 5-foot sidewalks, replacing access ramps to meet ADA Standards, installing 2 new cross-gutters, repairing 2 additional cross-gutters, and replacing several homeowner driveways. Furthermore, the waterline improvements included abandoning a 6-inch main, connecting 7 side-street water lines to the existing 12-inch water main on Elm Street, installing 42 water valves ranging in size from 8-inch to 12-inch, connecting 62 existing water services to the 12 inch main, and installing 12 new fire hydrant assemblies. This project required heavy traffic control and coordination with residents.