Drainage Diverters Project

OE provided design engineering services on the Drainage Diverters Project for the City of Diamond Bar. The scope of work included the review of the City’s existing roadway plans with drainage diverters, and investigating and researching at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works if any other roadway plans existed for the remaining drainage diverters. Furthermore, the scope included performing a city wide field review of all drainage diverters to confirm modifications from the City’s existing photo diverter data base, and preparing an engineering report evaluating the record documents, and conducting a field review and risk management analysis for the drainage diverters. The purpose of the report was to determine which of the drainage diverters were documented and which were undocumented. For the documented drainage diverters we needed to determine if they were safe from being a tripping hazard, and to also determine if there has been any change in the condition of the parkway since they were constructed. For the undocumented drainage diverters we needed to determine and make sure that they were constructed to meet current standards, and whether they were warranted to remain. It was established that the documented drainage diverters that were built per the standard detail provided the City with design immunity, and the intent of this Report was to evaluate and substantiate those undocumented drainage diverters by deeming them as warranted and making sure that they were built to current standards to provide the City with the same design immunity. The report provided recommendations for drainage diverter removals, repairs and trip hazard mitigation strategies.