Citywide Curb Ramp Improvements (Phase III)

OE provided design engineering and construction management services for the citywide curb ramp improvements project in the City of Redondo Beach. The project was funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and therefore the plans, specifications and estimate needed to comply with all the necessary federal guidelines. The project called for improving 63 curb ramps throughout the City. OE visited each individual ramp location, verified the existing improvements, took the necessary measurements and grades, and then determined each individual design based on the most recent SPPWC “Greenbook” standards. The project included Plans, Specifications and the Construction Estimate for the complete bid package. OE provided the necessary support during the bid process to respond to RFI’s and develop addendums. During the construction phase, OE’s tasks included running pre-construction meetings, reviewing and approving submittals, responding to RFI’s, developing change orders, reviewing quantities, tracking, reviewing, and approving invoices, and coordinating with all the utility agencies, the City, and contractor to complete the project successfully.