Citywide Bus Stop Improvement Project


OE provided construction management and inspection services to the City of Norwalk to upgrade 216 bus stop locations within the city limits. The scope entailed installing 15,000 SF of concrete pads, 205 bus stops with benches, trash receptacles, and solar-powered I-stop transit sign poles. Of those 205 bus stops, ten received Kaleidoscope canopy shelters, benches, solar lighting, and I-stop transit sign poles. One landmark bus stop was installed with a curved kaleidoscope bus shelter, benches, solar lighting, hardscape, landscaping, irrigation, and an I-stop transit sign pole. Several locations required the relocation of planned stops or benches to allow for ADA-compliant access around the stop or to avoid interference with trees and access ways to businesses located at the planned stop location. OE also extensively coordinated with Clear Channel, MTA and Norwalk Transit during the course of this project to allow for continued bus route operations during construction.