City Engineering Services (2014 - Present)

OE provided a City Engineer to the City of La Palma on a part-time basis. The City Engineer’s tasks included: reviewing design professional proposals to prepare project construction documents, coordinating and scheduling with staff, managing the Capital Improvement Program, overseeing the staff management through project completion, and providing analysis of requests for information, change orders, time/material verification and project closeouts. The City Engineer worked on a variety of projects including but not limited to: street improvements with concrete repairs and ADA improvements on local residential streets, La Palma Avenue and Valley View street improvements, Community Center Flooring, and engineered water well casing improvements. He also coordinated with the City of Cerritos for the bridge replacement project on La Palma Avenue/ Del Amo Avenue Coyote Creek crossing; this project involved coordination between Orange County and Los Angeles County funding agencies, OCTA, Caltrans and Metro. Our City Engineer also provided development review to establish a project’s condition of approval while working with the Community Development Department on multiple development projects including but not limited to: a McDonald’s restaurant remodel, Center pointe commercial development parking improvements and industrial parking/storm water improvements including filing of environmental documentation per CEQA. The City Engineer was also responsible for preparing and presenting City Council staff reports and Traffic Safety Committee reports. Furthermore, he worked with staff to prepare OCTA grant funding applications for street and storm drain improvements; and documentation preparation to maintain OCTA Measure M street improvement funding. Lastly, the City Engineer worked with staff to coordinate storm drain improvements, sewer improvements, traffic engineering services, and regulatory compliance as well as providing direct coordination with the Public Works Department field staff.