Campus Drive Bikeway Construction Project 


E provided design services to the City of Irvine for a 1,600 LF bikeway separated from traffic. The limits of the Campus Drive Class 1 Off-Street Bikeway Project are characterized by medium density residential properties and commercial and institutional properties. The project spanned the south side of Campus Drive between Culver Drive and California Avenue, where traffic volumes reach just under 20,000 vehicles per day. The final design included an 11-foot wide off street bikeway utilizing a 6-inch thick PCC section. It was important to note that 8 feet of the bikeway is within the City of Irvine right-of-way and the outermost 3 feet required coordination and the acquisition of an easement from University of California, Irvine (UCI). The scope of work included designing a 3.5-foot-high split face block retaining wall, per California Building Code, to hold a 13% slope at the back of the City right-of-way. Due to the bikeway’s proximity to UCI’s campus, the night time bike traffic was anticipated to be higher than a residential street, and per OC Highway Design Manual standards, lighting on bike trails with high traffic at night must be around 10 lux. Therefore, the scope also entailed designing trail lighting along the bikeway for cyclist safety. Furthermore, because of the close proximity of UCI, landscaping was also a critical factor in this project. It was essential that the design be aesthetically pleasing to all the stakeholders in this project. During a field walk, OE noticed that approximately 8 trees required removal or relocation that would otherwise cause uplifting or cracking to the new bikeway path. This project required ensuring that the design adhered to the City of Irvine’s Standard Plans, City Design Manual, Caltrans Standard Plans, and environmental regulations. OE was also required to coordinate early on and throughout the design with Southern California Edison for electrical services.