Building Official & Building Inspector

OE provided the City of Whittier with both a Building Official and a Building Inspector in the Community Development Department. The Building Official supervised all operations of the Community Development Department and is responsible for overseeing building inspections, code compliance, abatement, and acted as an official City representative. The building official also conducted quality control review of plan checks and inspections, prepared code updates, processed complex building code issues and dispute resolution, and reviewed discretionary applications for preliminary compliance with codes. As for the Building Inspector, his primary responsibility was performing the full range of residential, commercial, and industrial inspections, including electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and structural code compliance. The building inspector conducted periodic residential and commercial field inspections before and during construction, remodeling or repair, he also ensured compliance with building and related codes and regulations, and inspected the quality of materials and methods of construction. Furthermore, the inspector interpreted, applied, and explained Federal, State, and municipal electrical, plumbing, structural, and mechanical codes, and other related laws and regulations, and assisted in the checking of building plans and specifications for residential, non-residential structures for compliance with applicable Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Occupancy, and Zoning Codes.