Berry Street & Imperial Highway Sewer Main Replacement Project

OE provided design engineering services to the City of Brea for this Sewer Main Replacement Project. The project spanned 3,000 LF from Lambert Road to Imperial Highway (within Caltrans right-of-way), and on Imperial Highway from Berry Street to the Orange County flood control channel. This project required the coordination of with Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) and filing for a Caltrans encroachment permit, due to the segment within Caltrans right-of-way. The design of this project was split in two phases in order to accelerate the portion on Lambert Road where a roadway overlay was separately planned. The ultimate design included the installation of 100' of 10" VCP, 2,570' of 12" VCP, 300' of 15" VCP and a total of 15 new manholes. Special sewer bypass designs were required at the railroad crossings in order to maintain railroad access at all times. OE also coordinated utility relocations for Chevron Oil AT&T, and Water Department & Storm Drain lines which were in conflict with the proposed line. In an effort to avoid future maintenance and access issues, OE also proposed a new alignment for the sewer main that would avoid encroachment in Caltrans Right of Way.