Antonio Parkway & Bridge Widening


OE provided inspection services to the County of Orange on the high-profile Antonio Parkway and La Pata Avenue Widening project. The $25 million project spanned 1.5 miles, from Ladera Ranch to 1,000 feet south of Ortega Highway, and included 900 LF of bridge-work across San Juan Creek. Antonio Parkway was widened from 4 to 6 lanes, as a result the bridge was widened by 40 feet to accommodate the 2 additional lanes of traffic and a sidewalk on each side. Bridgework included parkway improvements, a raised median, channel bank revetment at the south abutment, compaction grouting, and structural testing. The widening of the bridge and roadway occurred simultaneously and included grading and cement-treated soil, 3,691 LF of RCP storm drain, rip-rap for environmentally-friendly drainage filtering, dry utility installations, 4,993 PVC pipe, utility conduits, 4 fire hydrants, traffic signal improvements and loops, signing and striping, video detection, and a Class I designated bike lane with special bicycle signal loops. The construction also included 448 LF of CIDH pile retaining wall with 42,000 lbs. of steel reinforcement. Furthermore, the project required the installation of domestic, reclaimed, and non-potable waterlines as well as sewer installation and mainline trunk re-routing. Lastly, the scope included a dewatering and affluent treatment system on-site that handled one-million gallons per day. Additionally, the bridge deck was picked up on one end to adjust crossfall.