Alton Parkway Left Turn Lane


OE provided design services to the City of Irvine on this project to add a left-turn lane on Alton Parkway into the south entrance of the Irvine Civic Center. The project limits were on Alton Parkway between Harvard Avenue and Murphy Avenue. The roadway previously had a median on Alton Parkway from Harvard Avenue, stopping just shy of Murphy Avenue. The median was mixed landscape and hardscape (hardscaping across the bridge), with access points for Orange County Flood Control District north and south of the San Diego Creek overpass. The project called for removing the hardscaped median on the existing bridge deck and designing a different hardscape median to accommodate a left turn lane into Irvine Civic Center. The left turn lane was 220 feet in length with a 90 foot taper. The scope of work also entailed constructing new curbs, asphalt patching, and irrigation/landscaping modifications including replacing new roadway signs, legends and striping. OE also evaluated and addressed drainage issues created by the proposed left turn lane. The construction contract was in the amount of $223,831.46. Work was completed in January 2015, 10 days ahead of schedule, and with no change orders during construction.