1550 Kimberly Avenue Business Center

OE provided plan-checking services on a Tentative Tract Map #17002 for the City of Fullerton, to reflect the consolidation of 13-easements and 2 parcels that were subdivided into 7 lots; one of which was used for condominium purposes. Additionally, a 1’ wide land acquisition and 20’ wide public sewer easement were also incorporated on the Tract Map for the development of 14.81 acres located 600 ft. east of Raymond Ave on Kimberly Avenue. The ultimate goal of this project was to construct 12 individual buildings comprised of 20 industrial units, 13 of which were condominiums. Construction of the units required complimentary ADA access ramps, hardscape & landscape improvements, planting trees, extending irrigation systems, driveway approaches, relocating streetlights, catch basins, fire hydrants, survey monuments, replacing 450 ft. of corrugated metal arch pipe with a reinforced concrete box, installing loading docks, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lights, and a parking lot, and replacing corrugated metal lateral connections with concrete pipes. Prior to construction, demolition of existing buildings, unused drive approaches, fire hydrants, survey monuments, unnecessary streetlights, catch basins, etc. was necessary. A wastewater system  report, encroachment permit from BNSF railroad, striping & signage plan, BMP, landscape & irrigation improvement plans, WQMP, improvement plans (grading, drainage, erosion, storm drain, water, street), demolition plan (including existing cesspools and septic tanks), waste management plan, asbestos survey considering SCAQMD requirements, Notice of Intent, Hydraulic report and Hydrology report were all submitted to the City of Fullerton. Extensive communication between BNSF railroad, City of Fullerton, Orange County Recorder’s Office, Edison, and sub-consultants was compulsory to ensure successful completion of the project.